According to the White Paper on fisheries 2007, growing consumption of marine products in Japan has been stopped since the mid-1980s. However world's consumption is growing continuously, leading to high price of marine products in the world.
The domestic suppliers still play the important role for the wholesale market, but there is a limit of the domestic aquatic resource to fulfill the needs of the market.
The import of frozen marine products has begun with the procurement of raw materials for processing and the same of processed marine products is increasing especially from China and the Southeast Asian countries. On top of it, the import of the fresh and live fish by air is also increasing year by year.

Tsukiji market receives the fresh and live fish of good quality every day from domestic and foreign suppliers. Daito has its own sales network to distribute these fish to every market in Japan direct from Narita and Kansai Airport. Daito's activity abroad include cooperation with the suppliers such as tuna farms in Mexico, Australia and others, with the food processing plants in Thailand and with the fishermen in New Zealand and Australia.
The direct contact with the suppliers in the foreign countries is one of the special advantages Daito Gyorui has as an authorized wholesaler.