Daito actively utilizes these four important functions as the wholesaler and differentiate itself to cope with the changing market situation with the special advantages such as world wide supply of the products and the effective sales network in Japan.
Moreover, Daito provides wide range of marine products with the three key words so to speak seasons, origins and processing methods as an expert of the seafood to fulfill the customers' diversifying needs.


Daito owns 5 fish markets in the Greater Tokyo area and is one of the leading companies of Maruha Group which is the world largest group of companies in the fishing industry.
With the support of Maruha Group fish markets and allied fish markets located all over Japan, Daito has established a strong and reliable sales network.


Daito has been supported by major domestic producers and suppliers through its long history as an authorized wholesaler.
However, in recent years, global supplies of marine products are becoming more important.